School Uniform

Raha International School Uniform Policy
The school uniform is to be worn during each school day unless special activity days
are announced.  It is requested that every article of clothing worn to school be plainly
labeled with the student’s name (shoes  included) to facilitate the prompt return of
lost items.  Children are expected to wear the uniform to and from school.

We encourage our students to take pride in their uniforms as a reflection of their
pride in the School.

Uniform Expectation and General Appearance:

  • Clothes worn underneath the shirts must be plain white or natural coloured.
  • Buttons on shirts – All buttons need to be done up on shirts for girls; 1 top button may be undone for boys when not wearing ties.
  • White button down shirts (straight edged hems can be left untucked, curved hems must be tucked in)
  • Shoes must be plain black (no patterns, designs,  or logos) dress shoes are preferred. For KG, runners/ sport shoes may be worn.
  • Socks must be solid black, white or navy blue
  • Hair accessories must be dark green, white, navy or black
  • Jewelry should be minimal and plain (no dangling earrings)
  • Items such as shaylas, belts and hair clips should be plain and compliment the uniform colours (black, green, white or navy)
  • Ties for MYP boys and cravat for MYP girls are to be worn to assemblies, special events and sometimes field trips
  • Girls’ swim suit must be one piece only
  • Swim-shorts with a waist drawstring or “speedo” style for boys.
  • School issue swimsuits are  not compulsory but are available from ZAKS clothing store
  • Make-up (MYP only), can only be mascara and clear lip gloss. No make- up for PYP.
  • Nail polish, if worn, should be a clear or natural colour
  • Hair should be neat and not of a distracting nature to the student or others.
  • Long hair (past shoulder length) on all students must be tied back off the face.
  • Students should be well groomed, with a neat appearance and a well maintained school uniform.
  • MYP/DP Girls’ skirts must be below the knee when seated.

Final decision on what constitutes the proper uniform are at the discretion of the
Vice Principals.

Uniforms should be purchased at Zaks Uniform Store located on the second floor of the Raha Mall.
Store Timings: Saturday to Thursday: 10am-9pm. Fridays: Closed
For more information please contact Zaks on 02-5565340 or visit their website

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