Mission & Vision

Our approach to education is founded on our Mission and Vision – a framework of ideas used to guide our development.

Our Forever

To transcend the ordinary.

Our Mission

To provide an exceptional educational journey to ensure individual success in an ever-changing global context.

Our Vision

To empower our international community to flourish and inspire a love of learning.

Raha’s Exceptional Journey

In 2015/2016 and 2017/2018, Raha was awarded the top inspection rating of ‘Outstanding’ by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK).

As a school that always seeks to move forward, we have worked extensively on how the school moves from ‘Outstanding’ to Exceptional. This is not an ADEK rating but a personal milestone to continue improving. Our goals are set below:

  • Initiate: Promote and develop student and staff leadership across the school.
  • Experience: Provide more opportunities for international trips, work experience, and support of the global community.
  • Invite: Host a variety of outstanding community events to further enhance the school’s profile.
  • Take Risks: Empower our community to be secure enough to take risks and build resilience.
  • Perform: Showcase the Arts as a flagship part of our identity in order to become globally recognised for excellence.
  • Compete: Develop students to excel and increase participation in sporting and non-sporting events, including international competitions.
  • Develop: Foster partnerships with schools and universities to share best practices and support professional development.
  • Embrace: Nurture an appreciation for the language and culture of our home and host countries; promoting international-mindedness.
  • Expand: Develop our image to become a world-renowned multi-campus school.
  • Research: Ensure best practice through action and evidence-based research.

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