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Welcome to the KCC Parent Team page!

We are a group of parent volunteers working together to build a strong RIS KCC Community. We are comprised of a committee and a separate group of volunteers who want to be involved on an ad hoc basis.

The committee meets monthly to plan events and organise activities that benefit all grade levels and support Raha’s teaching staff in various areas of the school. 

Our aims

  • To foster communication and cooperation between the school, students and parents.
  • To build a sense of community for the benefit of the school, the students and their families.
  • To welcome parents to Raha and build awareness of activities and opportunities for their involvement. 


Events & Activities

What we do 

  • Class & Grade Parents: The Parent Team co-ordinates Class/Grade Ambassadors. These volunteers provide valuable support to the teachers and act as a link between the Parent Team and the rest of the parent body.
  • SHUS: We operate the Second Hand Uniform Shop (SHUS). The shop sells gently used uniforms that have been donated by the parent community at low prices. Donation boxes are located across the school. All proceeds go back into the school in the form of events and activities for our students.
  • Drama Production: Parent Team volunteers sell tickets to Raha theatre productions and support as necessary.
  • Sports Days: The team provides refreshments to students at Sports Days.
  • Welcoming new families: We provide support to new families joining the school in any grade and at any time throughout the year.


  • Bazaar: A winter event with vendor stalls.
  • National Day: Supporting Emirati parents with this event to celebrate the UAE and it’s heritage.
  • International Day: Our biggest event of the year and an opportunity for each country to showcase their culture, clothing, sports and food.
  • Community Iftar: Supporting this special event during the Holy Month.
  • Staff Appreciation: Working with our KCC families to show their appreciation to all teachers and staff. 
  • Grade 5 Graduation: We support the in-school event and organise the out-of-school Grade 5 Graduation Celebration with financial support and parent volunteers.
  • Coffee Mornings: We host coffee mornings throughout the year.
  • Bake sales / pizza day: Always a huge hit with our KCC Community!

2023/2024 Members

  • Chairperson: Christine Molnar 
  • Deputy Chairperson: Ana Graterol
  • Secretary: Florence Moussoux 
  • Treasurer: Chris Sandford
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Lamis Benjelloun
  • Events: Ana Graterol
  • Islamic Liaison: Majd Barbir
  • Class Ambassador Co-ordinator: Maaria Ashraf
  • EY co-ordinator: Hakima Belkasim
  • PYP co-ordinator: Rachael Drinkwater 
  • MYP co-ordinator: Katie Saidi
  • Communications: Rachael Drinkwater/Amanda Gush
  • Fundraising co-ordinator: Nassim Hursh
  • Sports co-ordinator: Abeya Mokhar
  • Second Hand Uniform Shop (SHUS): Iman Pady, Sahra Hashi, Hibba Elatar


For more information please contact us at [email protected].


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