Raha is an inclusive community that prides itself on providing students with a variety of opportunities and experiences.​ It is Raha’s diverse population that makes it a unique experience in its own right. Our goal is to help each and every student take ownership of their own wellbeing and flourish in all aspects of their lives beyond the school walls. 

At Raha, pastoral care is built into the framework of every grade level, with:

  • Grade level leaders
  • Heads of Grade
  • Heads of Pastoral Care for each division
  • Four school counsellors

They ensure that the IB Learner Profile is built into every aspect of the curriculum to create a positive school culture.

Pos@Raha Programme

We also use the Positive Education Framework, developed at Geelong Grammar School, to focus on strengths as a way to increase skills that lead to both student and staff wellbeing.

The best pastoral care comes from involving a whole community.

Raha has established its Pos@Raha programme based on the fundamental elements of the Positive Education Framework to meet the diverse needs of our school. Aiming to provide all students with an opportunity to focus on balance and individual wellbeing.

The hope is that, through Pos@Raha, students will receive extended opportunities to actively contribute to their passions and the community. 

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