Primary Years Programme

Raha International School offers a balanced and academically challenging education, which is designed to develop individuals who are both independent learners and international citizens.

Our curriculum is based on the International Baccalaureate's Primary Years Programme (PYP).

The PYP is an international framework which focuses on the development of the whole child addressing social, physical, emotional, cultural and academic needs for learners. Raha offers the PYP for students aged 3 onwards.

Arabic in the Early Years

Arabic, Islamic and Social Studies is not compulsory for students in Early Years 1 and 2 however, as a school we offer Arabic from these years.

Students will take Islamic and Social Studies only from Grade 1.

In Early Years 1, native and non-native speakers will have one shared Arabic class a week.

In Early Years 2, native Arabic speakers will attend three Arabic classes a week. Non-native Arabic speakers will attend one class per week.

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