Khalifa City Campus

Opening the doors in September 2020, Khalifa City Campus has been built to satisfy the exceptionally high demand for places at Raha International School and the ever-increasing popularity of the International Baccalaureate curriculum. 

Just a short 7 minutes’ drive from the Gardens Campus and situated in the heart of Khalifa City, the state-of-the-art campus houses Early Years to Grade 10 and will eventually grow to Grade 12.

It features a purpose-built Early Years Centre with emphasis on safe, innovative and integrated collaborative learning spaces, and outstanding indoor and outdoor sporting facilities. 

The state-of-the-art campus is home to outstanding sporting and learning facilities: 

  • An 8 lane 25-metre swimming pool 
  • A double-size gym with indoor running track 
  • Two football pitches 
  • Science labs 
  • Product and Digital Design studios 
  • Diploma Programme (Grade 11-12) suite 

This enhancement in provisions and educational facilities benefits all of our (current and future) students, as well as creating the space and environment in which our staff and community will flourish. 


Raha International School, Khalifa City Campus is not yet rated by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) as it must first complete 3 years of operation (end of 2022/23) before inspection.

Welcome to Khalifa City Campus


Please read our Family Handbook here.


Khalifa City Campus FAQs

Is Raha opening a new school?

No, Raha International School has expanded across two campuses. The original campus has been renamed the Gardens Campus and the second campus, Khalifa City Campus, is located in the heart of Khalifa City.

Does the second campus follow the same curriculum?

Yes, Khalifa City Campus follows the International Baccalaureate curriculum with shared leadership and planning across both campuses to deliver the same quality of education to all students.

Which grades does Khalifa City Campus cater for?

Khalifa City Campus currently caters for Pre-K - Grade 9 students and will eventually cater for students through to Grade 12. 

How do I apply for Khalifa City Campus and/or Raha Gardens Campus?

Applying to the Khalifa City Campus is as easy as applying to the Raha Gardens Campus. There is one application form for both campuses.

Apply Now

Can I choose which campus my child is placed at?

Applications to Raha International School will be processed centrally with the admissions policy and criteria being the same. Parents will be able to express a campus preference, but final allocation on a campus will depend on a number of factors including availability, siblings and diversity.

Will tuition fees be the same for both campuses?

Tuition fees differ slightly between the campuses.

Tuition Fees

How will we ensure consistency between teaching and learning?

The school has already spent considerable time making plans to ensure culture, standards, ethos and our community feel remain the same across both campuses. We have sought consultancy from various successful multi-campus schools in Asia, together while working within our own group to plan the most consistent approach. It is our priority to remain a 'big school, small family' across two campuses with a seamless dedication to outstanding teaching and learning. Leadership and elements of the teaching staff will be shared across campuses and to ensure minimal disruption to the current campus as we develop the expansion.


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