Parent Team

The Parent Team is a committee of volunteer parents, regulated by a constitution which defines the scope of events and activities undertaken.

The committee meets monthly to plan events, organise activities that benefit all grade levels and support Raha’s teaching staff in various areas of the school. We are always happy to welcome new families to the school and encourage them to become more involved in Raha’s community.

Our aims

  • To foster communication and cooperation between Raha International School, students and parents.
  • To build a sense of community for the benefit of the school, the students and their families by organising defined events.
  • To serve as an umbrella organization for the parent support activities, working in close cooperation with the appropriate members of the school administration, faculty and staff.
  • To welcome parents to Raha and build awareness of activities and opportunities for their involvement. 

Events & Activities

Major Annual Events

  • Holiday Bazaar: an event to celebrate the festive season with vendor stalls, performances and a hot beverage.
  • Global Village on International Day: Our biggest event of the year and an opportunity for each country to showcase their culture, clothing, sports and food.
  • Staff Appreciation Lunch: A wonderful buffet-style luncheon donated by Raha families to show their appreciation to all the teachers and staff. 

Ongoing Activities throughout the year

  • Class & Grade Parents: The Parent Team is responsible for recruiting and training Class Parents in all EY and Primary classrooms, as well as Grade Parents in the Secondary school.  Class Parents and Grade Parents provide valuable support to the teachers and act as a link between the Parent Team and the rest of the parent body.
  • SHUS: We operate the Secondhand Uniform Shop for the benefit of the community. The shop sells gently used uniforms that have been donated by the parent community at low prices. Donation boxes are available at the main and side gates so please give generously. All proceeds go back into the school in the form of events and activities for our students.
  • Welcoming new families: we provide support to new families joining the school in any grade and at any time throughout the year.

On Demand Activities 

  • Graduations: We support both the Grade 1 and Grade 5 graduations with financial support and parent volunteers.
  • Drama Productions: Parent Team volunteers sell tickets to Raha theater productions and help out where necessary.
  • Sports Days: we offer refreshments to our young students on EY and Primary Sports Days.

2023/2024 Members


For more information or to get involved, please contact us at [email protected].


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