About Taaleem

Raha International School is part of Taaleem, the United Arab Emirates’ second-largest school provider for early years, primary and secondary schools founded in 2004. 

Taaleem is partially owned by the Government of Dubai and overseen by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alan Williamson.

Taaleem is committed to:

  • Equipping children in the region holistically with the skills, knowledge and character to compete globally
  • Offering a comprehensive range of outstanding international curricula
  • Designing, building and managing the best educational facilities
  • Creating and implementing benchmark educational initiatives
  • Nurturing educational excellence through the attraction, retention and development of the best educators
  • Continuously evaluating and improving standards across our schools
  • Establishing our schools as valued cornerstones of their communities
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Taaleem schools offer a variety of international curricula including The National Curriculum for England, the American Curriculum, the International Baccalaureate and our own, multi-lingual Early Childhood Programme.

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All Taaleem schools are governed by the executive board at Taaleem and individual school principals. In addition, we have opened up the way the school is governed to create an Advisory Board in order to:

  • Facilitate parent and staff involvement
  • Involve members of the community in planning the school’s future
  • Streamline common policy-making across Taaleem

The Raha International School Advisory Board is made up of parents, staff, and members of the Taaleem Executive, invited to serve by the Principal.

The Taaleem Foundation Board, consisting of all school principals and major company executives, is the central policy-making group for Taaleem. It is informed and advised by the school Advisory Boards and by executive standing committees for Philosophy, Education, HR, and Finance, in which Principals and other Taaleem officers pay close attention to the development of the whole organisation in different specialised areas.

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