Admissions Procedure

The Raha Community prides itself on its unity in diversity. We represent a diversity of nationalities, cultures, languages, interests, learning styles and strengths. We also have many things in common that bring us together.

Raha students are naturally curious, think deeply, take risks and reflect on their learning. They go beyond just academic excellence and take thoughtful action, locally and globally. Raha graduates have a passion for lifelong, inquiry-based learning.

Raha parents are committed to partnering with the school for the academic, personal, social and emotional development of their children.

If you think Raha would be a good fit for your family, we advise that you begin the application process early. Applications to both our campuses are made centrally.

If you would like more information or guidance at any point, our admissions team understands how important it is to find the right school for your child and would be delighted to assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help!

How to Join the Raha Family

Applications open in September each year for the next academic year. Applications for the 2024/2025 academic year opened on 4 September 2023.

The earlier you apply the better. It’s free and won’t take long! Availability will depend on the timing and number of children leaving the school.

Read through the ‘Admissions Roadmap’, your guide to the Admissions journey and expected timeline at each campus. If you are applying for entry to Grade 11, your 'Admissions Roadmap' looks a little different. 

If you are applying for Term 2 or Term 3 entry, read through your 'Admissions Roadmap' here.


Step 1: Application
  • All applications are digital and submitted online through our website. We have no paper applications.
  • In the application, you will be asked for some general information about your child and contact details, and you will be asked to upload some preliminary documents to complete the application.
  • You can expect to receive a confirmation that we have received and reviewed your application within one to four business days.
  • However, depending on when you apply, we will only proceed to Step 2 when we know of a possible opening.

Make sure to be ready to upload:

  • A copy of your child’s passport
  • A copy of your child's UAE visa or Emirates ID (if applicable)
  • A copy of their most recent report card in English (if applicable | official translations only)
  • A copy of any diagnostic testing or educational assessment and/or any psychological assessments in English (if applicable | official translations only)
  • The email address of a contact at your child’s school for a reference

Please note: Failure to fully disclose information about a child’s additional learning needs, may put your child’s place in school at risk.

Availability: If there are more eligible applicants than there are places available, we consider priority status according to the Taaleem Admissions policy, the date of application, and a variety of holistic profile factors before allocating places to individual students. These factors are a natural part of a student’s identity, background, and personal experience. 

If there is no availability, applications will stay on the waiting list up until the start of the academic year in case of any openings. If nothing opens, you are invited to reapply for the next year as applications do not roll over. Every year is a fresh start.

Submit an Online Application

Step 2: Assessment

If places are available you will receive an invitation to submit further information and/or schedule an assessment.

  • Children applying to Minis-Grade 1will be invited for a 'Stay and Play' session or classroom experience at the school between October and April. For families who are outside of Abu Dhabi, other arrangements will be made.
  • Children applying to Grades 2-11 will take a computerized cognitive ability assessment. Children who are overseas will be able to do this step remotely. Arabic level may also be assessed as needed for placement.  
Step 3: Review

The application will be reviewed by Raha International School academic teams and you will receive feedback within a week.

  • In some cases, there may be further follow up required to ensure support and resources are available.
  • If there is a confirmed place, your child will receive an official offer letter specifying a campus and will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit of 5% to confirm your interest. A seat cannot be held until the deposit payment is received. Once a place is accepted, it is not possible to transfer campus.
  • If there are no concerns and a place is not available, your child will be placed in a priority wait pool in case of withdrawals.

Attestation Requirements & Documentation Checklist

Read our application tips for a successful application to Raha.

You are always welcome to contact admissions if you have any questions:

Gardens Campus: [email protected]

Khalifa City Campus: [email protected]

Grade Availability

Below lists the availability by grade at each of our campuses. You are welcome to apply to the grades, even if they are waitlisted, but know that we may not be able to confirm seats until later in the year. 

Gardens Campus

GradeGardens Campus 23-24Gardens Campus 24-25
MinisNot open at Gardens CampusNot open at Gardens Campus
EY1WaitlistedLimited availability
EY2Limited availabilityWaitlisted
Grade 1Limited availabilityWaitlisted
Grade 2WaitlistedWaitlisted
Grade 3WaitlistedWaitlisted
Grade 4WaitlistedWaitlisted
Grade 5WaitlistedWaitlisted
Grade 6WaitlistedWaitlisted
Grade 7WaitlistedWaitlisted
Grade 8WaitlistedWaitlisted
Grade 9WaitlistedWaitlisted
Grade 10WaitlistedWaitlisted
Grade 11WaitlistedWaitlisted
Grade 12Only transferring IBDP students may applyOnly transferring IBDP students may apply



Khalifa City Campus

GradeKhalifa City Campus 23-24Khalifa City Campus 24-25
EY1WaitlistedLimited availability
Grade 1WaitlistedLimited availability
Grade 2WaitlistedLimited availability
Grade 3WaitlistedWaitlisted
Grade 4Limited availabilityLimited availability
Grade 5WaitlistedLimited availability
Grade 6WaitlistedLimited availability
Grade 7WaitlistedWaitlisted
Grade 8Limited availabilityWaitlisted
Grade 9WaitlistedWaitlisted
Grade 10WaitlistedWaitlisted
Grade 11Opening 2024-25Waitlisted
Grade 12Opening 2025-26Opening 2025-26



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