Asem Masharfa - Head of Arabic and Islamic

Asem Masharfa - Head of Arabic and Islamic
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Asem Masharfa          
Head of Arabic and Islamic
Jordan and Palestine   

Asem has 19 years’ experience in schools. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language and Literature from Jordan and has worked in international schools as a teacher of IGCSE and IB Arabic in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. He is also an IB Examiner. He was previously Head of Language acquisition at Raha before moving into his current position.
Asem joined Raha in 2013. He likes working at Raha for the flexibility and the freedom of the IB. IB gives equal opportunity to grow for students and teachers in addition to the fact that it improves students' skills and abilities. Students and teachers are partners in creating the teaching-learning process.         
Fun Fact: If Asem could visit anywhere in the world he’s never been, he would go to Haifa, Palestine.

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