Naomi Clancy - Deputy Head of Secondary

Naomi Clancy - Deputy Head of Secondary
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Naomi Clancy
Deputy Head of Secondary - Student Wellbeing
United States of America

Naomi holds a Bachelor’s in Education from the State University of Fredonia, New York, USA and a Masters in Instructional and Curricular Studies from UNLV, Nevada, USA. Naomi loves that each school day brings something new. She has taught in 3 countries and a variety of educational areas and settings for over 20 years. She feels fortunate to have had further experiences and opportunities to develop professionally as a pastoral lead for over 8 years, as Naomi firmly believes that students are the heart of education.
Having joined Raha in 2010, Naomi has witnessed a vast amount of growth and development within the school community.  She has worked in PYP, MYP and supported students in DP.  Naomi remains focused on encouraging students to gain confidence, build skills and flourish academically and socially.   

Fun Fact: After climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, Naomi found a new appreciation for simplicity, patience and small steps.

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