Continuous Learning at Raha

Continuous Learning at Raha
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Raha International School is proud to deliver our high-quality education and fulfil our mission and vision of providing an ‘exceptional educational journey’ ensuring educational success in an everchanging global context. We have planned for a robust continuation of teaching through 'Continuous Learning' (e-learning).

As a school, we already have strong and well utilised online platforms to support teaching and learning, and we will endeavour to ensure that students do not miss out on the curriculum by utilizing these platforms fully. These experiences will offer authentic opportunities to focus on key concepts, knowledge, and skills. They emphasise interaction and creativity and involve a balance of on-screen and off-screen tasks, that help connect to previous learning and the current curriculum.

The success of our Continuous Learning Plan relies on the partnership of our community and is dependent on careful planning by our dedicated staff, appropriate student motivation and engagement, and strong parent support.

The Continuous Learning Plan is now available for download.

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