Ramadan and the IB Learner Profile

Ramadan and the IB Learner Profile
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  • INQUIRER Knowledge and learning: Ask for help when you need it.
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE Reading: The first word as revealed in the Holy Qur'an was Iqra' - Read.
  • THINKER Creativity: What art can you create and share with your community?
  • COMMUNICATOR Socialising: Try to check up on your friends, family and classmates online. Who can you connect with?
  • PRINCIPLED Reviewing our daily habits through the year: Are you using your time at home wisely? (Physical exercise, study, family time and fun)
  • OPEN-MINDED Forgiveness: Find excuses for small mistakes. How do you practice forgiveness in your daily life?
  • CARING Are you helping your parents, friends, or classmates? Could you donate food or clothes?
  • RISK-TAKER Leading by example: Share your hidden talents. Have you tried fasting before?
  • BALANCED Taking care of our physical and social health: Do you have too much screen time? Wash your hands and stay at home.
  • REFLECTIVE Reflection: How would this distance-learning time affect our lives positively?

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