Vaughan Kitson - Deputy Head of Secondary

Vaughan Kitson - Deputy Head of Secondary
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Vaughan Kitson 
Deputy Head of Secondary - MYP Coordinator
South Africa and UK

Vaughan has twenty-four years of experience working in schools in four countries. This includes eight years as Head of Mathematics at two IB schools and three as a Teacher Advisor in Abu Dhabi's Public-Private Partnership. He has a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management and an NPQSL certification from UCL. 
Vaughan joined Raha in 2012. He likes that Raha is a friendly environment in which to work and that students, teachers and parents all seem to mix in a very positive, constructive way.  He finds that the students are respectful and caring. He believes in the IB because it allows excellent practitioners the freedom to exercise their talents, and the result is an articulate, service-focused student body with individuals who are confident yet caring.  On weekends, Vaughan can be found out riding his bike (trying not to be found). 
Fun Fact: One of Vaughan’s proudest achievements was running the Comrades Marathon (89.9km) in under 10 hours.

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